My mission in life is to always be a help to someone.I grew knowing the
meaning of work, I blessed to have a heart to help raise younger siblings
and children. I always had a chance to help someone.
When I became ill, and stopped working it was a difficult transition from
working two jobs to not working at all, I was use to being around people
all the time. My sister Ivy told me her church had a quilt group.                  
And learning to quilt was a heart desire of mine.
I like for Grandmothers to have this same desire with our                 
Monthly fellowship
Our mission is to fellowship with grandmothers to strengthen them, to
laugh so grandmothers hearts grow stronger. My purpose is to ensure
grandmothers have a happy day being that some raise their
grandchildren                        alone, and cannot go out like their soul will
them too.                                     At our monthly meeting Grandmother can
enjoy fellowshipping with other Grandmothers..

Grandmother are like Pearls, Strong, Unique, Leaders
  • Fellowship
  • Friendship
  • Outtings
We meeting once a month, not always at the same location

All Grandmothers are Welcomed
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My Mission